The Best Baby Capsule

On the day you first bring your little one home,

so many things run into your mind. 

You wanted to protect and care for your little one every sec, which is the big responsibility you need to face every day.

In such cases,

Baby capsules play a significant role in Parenthood.

It makes your newborn feel comfortable and secure when they travel; this is what every parent wishes for.

You may have a mixture of doubts,

which is the best baby capsule in Australia to buy for your little one,

we are here to clear your mind on figuring out best baby capsule you can trust.

That's why we made a list of 5 best baby capules in austrilia check out below.

Top 5 Best Baby Capsule in Australia 2020

1. Maxi Cosi Mico AP Limited Edition Infant Carrier

Our Favorite feature

  • Superior side impact performance: Featuring Air Protect technology
  • Upgraded soft goods.
  • Flip-out canopy visor for extra UV protection
  • Adjustable base included.
  • 5 point harness is adjustable from the front.
  • 14 vibrant color options
  • Rear-facing: 5-22lbs.
  • Height Ranging: up to 29"

It's a uniquely stuffed baby capsule & it is suitable from birth all over six months.

The best thing about this capsule comes in & out of the car & you can take it wherever you go.  

This type of capsule is the most luxurious & revolution of Australia's most popular carriers now.

It includes new water resistance with multifunctional canopy.

Fabric and Cushioning are more Softer and noticeable; in Cover, There seems to be more Padding, which makes your Little one feel comfier.

The Seat is Fairly Light without the Base. Seat Weight about 8 And a Half Pounds. 

The capsule as one lever at the back for easy release of the Capsule from Base, Carry Handle is very sturdy, and it's an excellent canopy for Shade.

Swap Capsule Between Two Car Installation is very Easy Where we use Isofix, which is such an easy Process.

Adapters Were very simple to use overall.

Mico AP Biggest Improvement is that the release handle is on Seat Itself.

So it's Very Easy Now you can use both hands to lift the Seat while Pulling the Release out of Base.

Specification of Mico AP is that item weight 7.8 Kg Whereas, Product Dimension 64*44*63 cm.

Mico AP Biggest advantage is that it automatically attaches to Maxi- Cosi or Quinny Stroller. Still, Various other Strollers have adapters, which Works Great with Mico AP.


  • This infant carrier Ergonomically designed, which means capillary action occurs from inside the surface to remove moisture by wicking Fabric AND bamboo, which helps the baby be relaxed and comfortable.
  • The Fabric used in this carrier is easily removable for washing.
  • Magnetic harness holders to ensure that harness straps made clear when placing baby in & out.
  • UPF50+ Canopy protection means your baby is safe from solar radiation. Complete protection from the Sun, we have to unzip from the hood.
  • Air protect technology has introduced superior side impact protection also 5 point safety harness is provided to ensure your secure ride.
  • Ten years warranty on Hardware whereas three years on Fabric
  • From birth up to six months, an accident exchange service is provided.

Safety and Installation

  • Some seating positions may not be safe for this child restraint.
  • So check the owner's manual for information about using the restraint in your vehicle.
  • Don't place a child rear-facing in a seating position, that may cause injuries.
  • Only use the restraint in vehicle seats that face forward.
  • Children are safer while properly restrained in a rear seat in the vehicle.
  • You must install this child restraint in a rear-facing position.
  • Do not use both the LATCH system and the vehicle belts at the same time. Use one or the other, both are equally safe.
  • Then check the bubble level indicator on the base. The ball and the indicator should be fully in the color zone that matches the child's weight.
  • Adjust the base as needed to fix the correct angle.
  • Then take the vehicle seat belt and correct it through the belt path in the carrier.
  • If you are using both lap and shoulder belt, first slip the lap belts under the belt path guide and then boggle the vehicle belt through the belt path then pull on the shoulder belt to adjust.
  • Always ensure before every journey, your belt adjustments are correct.
  • Make sure the belt is tightly fixed, better push and pull then forward to back to ensure the base does not move any direction. If it does move more than an inch tries to reinstall the bottom to make tighter.
  • Now you can attach a charger straight to the base followed by steps and segments. Pull up on the charger strands too front on the corners to securely lock to the bottom.
  • Remember that the carrier handle can be in any position.
  • Some seating positions may not be safe for this restraint.
  • And some vehicles do not have a seating position that can be used safely with this restraint.
  • Suppose you are not sure where to place the child restraint in your vehicle. Contact your local child passenger inspection station or contact the Maxi-Cosi consumer relations team.


  • Simple to attach in the car seat.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Handles are useful while carrying the baby during a walk.
  • Easy to connect with certified people for installation.
  • Highly rated capsule ever.


  • Fabric sometimes makes your child sweaty. It is suited better to weather conditions during the Australian summer season.
  • Belt system doesn't work with some model cars, and some may use towels to the wedge to hold the base from moving.


Overall it's a Pretty Nice Car Capsule If you Buy A Stroller which Works with it.

It's a good Capsule that won't Break your baby back when you Carry.

During Parenthood when the baby is very little Like Below Six Months Main Problem is that their Head won't be in steady Position so While Carrying in Capsule we usually feel unsafe but Mico AP as Air Protect Side Impact Pads Which Provide a great Protection for Baby's Head than usual hard Foam. Certainly it seems like a Safe Option.

The New Mico Plus baby capsule, worth for money, ease of carrying, easy Cleaning and maintenance is quite easy. We can trust this type of carrier gives value for your money.

2. Maxi Cosi Citi Newborn Baby Capsule

Our Favorite feature

  • Leading stroller brands
  • UPF 50+ Protection
  • Washable Fabrics
  • Lightweight infant carrier
  • Padded infant insert
  • Accident exchange service

This capsule is one of the lightest carriers among all the best capsules in the market. That's why it is named Maxi Cosi Citi, where Citi means Lightest.

This capsule features are European quality standards, which is one of its undeniable advantages.

It also belongs to the 0+ category. The seat is completely safe for kids from 0 to 12 months, which means that Maxi-Cosi Citi can withdraw a weight from 0 to 13 Kg.

Specification of Mico-Cosi Citi is wide around 44 cm, Tall around 57 cm, and Its depth is around 66 cm.

Maxi-Cosi Citi car seat is characterized by the side protection that will protect your baby's head and back in corresponding situations.

The car seat construction provides only one way of fixing the car seat in the car using car safety belts. In case you buy the Isofix system separately, there will appear another way of installation.

It is more convenient and reliable. You can also install the car seat on the chassis of the following strollers-Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, or Peg Perego Book Plus.


  • Maxi Cosi comes with a convenient stay-in-car base.
  • This capsule weighs 3.2 Kg, which is the lightest capsule.
  • Easy to install
  • It's a lightweight carrier with an ergonomic handlebar for easy carrying, suitable from newborn to approx six months.
  • This model has three different colors - Black Raven, Concrete Grey, and River Blue.
  • Handy pull up hood with UPF 50+, which protects your little one from Sun.
  • Washable Fabric, easy to clean, and it has European styling technology.
  • Considering baby comfort, they have provided a removable pad that can be easily inserted.
  • Leading stroller brands provided for a flexible travel system. You can also purchase strollers & adapters separately.

Safety and Installation

  • To install the base, place the carrier seat on the vehicle seat.
  • Feed the car seat strap through the base and engage- wait until you hear a click sound.
  • Now push down the base and remove any stack.
  • Next, extend your top tether strap.
  • Connect your top harness to the vehicle points. Depending on your vehicle, you may need an extension strap.
  • Tighten your top tether strap.
  • The straps of your Citi must be in a position that is nearest to your child's shoulder, but now lower than their shoulders.
  • Keep the infant insert in your carrier until your child needs more room.
  • Remember to check your manual for more instruction and handy tips.


  • Significantly lighter than any other capsule in the market.
  • Compatible universal travel system.
  • Maxi-Cosi Citi is one of the affordable infant carriers in Australia.
  • The lifetime warranty covers all manufacturing defects.
  • An accident exchange service provided in the event of a car accident.


  • Only two position harness, which is less when compared to other capsules that have three-position harness control.
  • Sometimes Fabric gets heated depending on climate changes.

Most of the Parent Feel weight as a Biggest Problem when Comparing Baby Along with Capsule Most of the Carriers is More Weighted.

Still, in Maxi Cosi Citi Such Problems will arise because it's a lighter than any other capsule in the Aussie Market. Wight is just 3.2 Kg

This Capsule will Give a Peace of Mind to every Mum Over There. Maxi Cosi Citi Cover Accident Exchange Service for Parents gives Peace of mind during every Journey.    

For Those People who are very new to parenthood, Light Capsules Like Mico, Cosi Citi makes Their Life Lot Easier for Carrying their little one.

3. Mother's Choice Avoro Convertible Car Seat

Our Favorite feature

  • Model: Avoro
  • Two Positions: Rearward/Forward Facing Convertible seat.
  • Color: Grey/Black
  • Headrest: Multi-positioning
  • Fabric: Machine washable and easy to remove
  • Installation: easy to install
  • It's a reversible newborn insert convertible car seat.

Mothers Choice is an iconic Australian brand that has been Manufacturing and Nursing Products for over 40 Years.

It has been around for four decades, and they will be there for many more decades by Bringing you Quality Products, which makes Life Easy for both baby and mother.

 This car seat allows your little one to be steady and in a sustained view of you. This is the Best Choice for NewBorns.

 Mothers Choice Avoro Has a Multi positioning facility with adjustable handrest for higher comfort; they have provided two reclining positions.

You can make every trip pleasant and Trouble-free for your little one.

The specification is that Mothers Choice Avoro weighs around 4.7 Kg, and has certified to AS/NZS 1754:2013 Australian standard.

Carrier Dimensions H 67 x D 44.5 x W 46 cm.

The direction of Travel is that it has both Forward and Rear Facing options.And Age Upto 0-4 Years it can be used.

Little ones always make their Place Shabby where fabric quickly gets stains, making your capsule look odd and unclean.

In such a case, that removable fabric and Machine washable are the great features in Mother's Choice Avoro.


  • To make your little one feel pleasant, they have provided 2 Forward Facing Recline positions.
  • The headrest is a multi-position where you can adjust to a comfortable place, which you prefer every time.
  • The mother's choice Avoro includes padded belt mates with a removable infant insert.
  • Covers used in this type are machine washable.
  • The main advantage is that you can use this type of carrier until your baby infant's shoulders meet the lower height marker.
  • Approx 6 months of age you can use in a rearward-facing newborn.
  • Approx 4 years of age you can use in a forward-facing with a built-in harness.
  • The warranty for Hardware is six years.
  • Fabric is two years.
  • Certified with Australian Standards.

Safety and Installation

  • For the first six months, Avoro used the rear-facing position.
  • Rear-facing: To fit into the rear-facing, make sure the series is upward with a rear clamp brought to the front of the seat and the stabilizing arms facing rear position.
  • Forward-facing: To fit into the forward position, bring the rear clamp to the back and bring to the rearmost part of the seat when you do this; it will set into the rear clamp position.
  • Multi-position: Simply losing the headrest at the back brings to the higher position and then simply rear adjusting your harness to the fourth and final position.


  • Easy to place a child in and easy to take back.
  • Multiple seat position
  • Easy to install
  • Great fabric design
  • Highly global customer rated car seat


  • Outgrowing the Rear-facing Position very early.
  • In Australia, it is legally allowed to keep your little one in the rear-facing until 4 years, but this seat doesn't give such an option.


Mothers Choice Avoro is Extremely easy to use Convertible Car Seat, designed to make all your vacation in the car safer for your little one.

As a result of its design child feel better comfort by Multi Positioning adjustable handrest. Two reclining positions which make installation very easy.

It is the cheapest rear-facing car seat.

Maxi-Cosi Citi is a convertible car seat suitable for your newborn up to ages of 4 with a capability of rearward-facing up to 5-6 months, highly recommended.

4. Maxi Cosi Mico AP Infant Carrier - Granite

Our Favorite feature

  • Easy to transfer your little one from stay-in-car base to stroller.
  • Baby's head protected by Air protection.
  • Adjustable 5 points safety harness.
  • Ergonomically designed reinforced carry handle.
  • Easily removable Fabric.

Maxi Cosi Mico AP Infant carrier has its origin in Australia. And its a

lightest infant car seat with leading stroller brands. Suitable for newborn approx six months of age.

Maxi Cosi creates a flexible travel system.

We as parents always wanted our baby to ride comfy with carriers in such case Premium fabric, and Padding in AP Infant Carrier gives great comfort to your baby in every ride you go. For Extra Protection Flip-out visor on the canopy is Provided.

Maxi-Cosi AP Infant Carrier weight around 9.68Kg, And Product Dimension around 63 x 44 x 64 cm.

Carry handles are most important if you don't have a grip in it, you feel your hands are paining, or even you may leave your baby in the ground some small accident may happen to avoid such accident ergonomically designed handle is provided.


  • Has ergonomic handles for extra comfort while carrying.
  • They transfer from the maxi-Cosi, an excellent solution for parents looking for a complete travel system they can use from birth.
  • This Mico AP features advanced air protect side impact technology. Which Patented air protect cushion system protects around your baby's head when needed the most.
  • Each Mico AP comes complete with a multi-position sun canopy with a flip-out visor to help protect the baby's sensitive eyes from bright lights.
  • The comfortable premium fabric and padded 5- point harness covers keep the baby secure and cozy during the ride.
  • Wicking fabric is used with bamboo to cool your baby.
  • Lifetime warranty ten years on shell.
  • Three years warranty on Fabric.

Safety and Installation

  • Less Force on Child- There is a Permanent Connection between a car seat and car Chassis. Thus the force impact is being controlled.
  • Anti Tipping - For increasing Stability and Safety, Anti-tipping device used.
  • East installation - Standard Fitting points without Hassie.
  • When driving without a child seat is secured.
  • First thing during installation loosen the harness strap, then place the harness strap on both sides.
  • Place the baby into the carrier, buckle the latch correctly.
  • Hold the harness strap up to get a grip control then buckle your chest correctly.
  • Make sure straps are tight, holding your baby shoulder correctly.
  • To check whether your baby is very tight, keep your one finger inserted in the chest strap to make sure it's too close.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Plush lining
  • Keeps the Sun off baby


  • Not machine washable
  • Height adjustments require rethreading


Mico AP is the cheapest carrier in maxi-Cosi. This seat is compatible with any Maxi Cosi stroller.

This is such a safety product for your baby—an excellent solution for parents looking for a complete travel system from birth with any Maxi-Cosi or Quinny stroller.

Overall it has all Features Compared to other capsules Like Air Protect Technology, travel system Compatibility, Cooling Baby Wicking Fabric, Canopy Protection, etc.

It is Such a Fabulous Capsule with all great Features. 

5. Recaro Performance Coupe, Indigo

Our Favorite feature

  • Full Body Side Impact Protection
  • Cloud Comfort Memory Foam
  • Twist-resistant HERO Harness with Comfort Shoulder Pads.
  • Plush infant Pillows.
  • Easy-Off, Quick Clean Cover.
  • Extra-large, Multi-Position Canopy.
  • Precise and easy installation.
  • American Made. German Engineered.
  • Compatible with Recaro performance stroller

Recaro Performance exemplifies Performance in every is assured racing-inspired will protect the child.

Such as Full Body Side Impact Protection. Another plus is that handle can go back and forward.

Straps in Recaro are easy to adjust, and they do not twist and make you feel irritated. Re-Threading is a Common Problem Faced by Many Parents. Still, in Recaro, it's easy to adjust no-rethread Harness with five height positions and 2- Buckle Positions to Fix your Growing Child.

Recaro Designed with over 100 years of German and Quality American Craftsmanship. And it's suitable for newborns up to 15 kg(12 months).

Planned to Guarantee parents that their little one will be a shield with racing-inspired superior safety features Which means full body side impact protection.for some clarity features are listed below.


  • Cloud Comfort memory foam acts as an outline to your baby's shape.
  • For enhanced comfort, the temperature balanced through Fabric. They are Luxurious woven luxe and Ultrasoft percale.
  • 5 point harness adjust without any trouble with one-handed pull.
  • A 2 buckle position to put your growing child.
  • An infant pillow keeps your little one comfortable, and when your baby is grown, it is removed quickly.
  • A bubble level indicator is easy to read.
  • Dual Adjust Knob and Flip Foot ensure the accurate installation of the base.
  • For last-minute Cleaning, easy-off cover rapidly removes the reattached without harness rethreading.
  • Recaro Performance Coupe, Indigo has Extra-large multi-position canopy, which protects from harsh weather and challenging climate.
  • To ensure a tight Grip of your child, Twist-resistant HERO Harness pads and safety stripes provided.
  • The child's neck is protected by shoulder pads that appropriately fit the position.
  • When your vehicle moves fast, there comes the full body protection Racing inspired.
  • Pads are easily removable.

Safety and Installation

  • These types of carriers are not suitable for babies with a weight of 35 pounds.
  • Follow the warning provided at the base
  • Do Not use other accessories like toys to push to an unnatural position.
  • Make sure the handle is locked.
  • Belts may wrap around the baby's neck, so please check it once before starting your trip.
  • First, loosen your harness system to check your child's shoulder is fixed correctly.
  • Next, when your child is seated, Press down the harness system to the bottom.
  • Before driving, check shoulder positions, adjust the straps lock into notch perfectly.
  • Child height should be less than 32 inches to fit into this type of carrier.
  • The pull-up harness system ensures restraints to the top of the child.


  • Best Quality and performance.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Comfortable in and out Base.
  • Temperature controlled.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Carrier Comes with multiple colors.


  • Base sometimes moves, as the baby grows the base leveling leg doesn't stay.
  • No paper manual or instruction provided.


Recaro performance coupes are the best comfortable car seats with ultra-soft Fabrication and temperature balancing, easy to clean.

Racing Inspired Full Bodyside Impact Protection.

Recaro Incorporates energy absorbing EPS foam to reduce crash forces, and it Protects your little one during accidents.

Safety is the first Important Recaro Plays a Great Role in the Safety of your child.

Recaro has over 100 years of precision in car seat expertise, so it is a trusted carrier.

Things to know before buying a Baby capsule

While buying the Best baby capsule in Australia, It is essential to know about some general things about that product.

Like which type of capsule suits your baby & your car.

Depending upon the baby's age Capsule varies, I have listed Clearly which age suits which capsule, 

#1 0-6 months - Infant capsule

This type of carrier is suitable for newborns up to 15 kg(12 months).

Planned to Guarantee parents that their little one will be a shield with racing-inspired superior safety features Which means full body side impact protection for some clarity features are listed below.

Six months - 4 years - Front Facing car seat

This type of capsule has its own 6 point harness. Front-facing seats should be used if your baby is at least four years old.

As long as they fit, we can use this type of capsule, and it's completely safe.

Up to eight years - Convertible car seat

 This type has both rear-facing and forward-facing, as long as your child grows rear-facing seats are also available.

Still, they are more costly than forward-facing; it depends upon the model you choose.

Four years to 8-10 years - Booster seat

Booster seats are also forward-facing but look slimy compared to other forward-facing positions.

In the booster car seat, they use an adult seat belt rather than an inbuilt harness.

Depending upon the model side protection technology is provided.

Don't forget to check


Weight is the first thing you should consider in mind. If your capsule is lighter, it is easy to carry your newborn. Likewise, make a plan.


Babies always make their place messy in such cases. They are going to stay for hours in a seat so make sure Fabric is easy to wash.


When you are buying a separate stroller and adaptor check whether the stroller and adaptor is fixed to it.

Shoulder marker

when your baby grows shoulder size gets increased, Check when to move up the scale.

Cup holders

Cup holders are more used by older babies. Only a few models have cup holders to check it once and buy.

Do your research

While buying a baby capsule, do your research on the Best Baby capsule in Australia for your baby. Safety and comfort are essential when we travel along with the baby.

Cup holders

Cup holders are more used by older babies. Only a few models have cup holders to check it once and buy.

Look for additional features

Nowadays, baby capsules come with Head Huggers, called pillows. Which keeps your little one head fixed in a steady position, sun protection, Air protection technology, Bubble level indicator, Movable Fabric, etc.


1. Why do we need a baby capsule? 

It depends upon parents' personal choices; we need it because it makes travel easier. Holding in hand for so long will be painful; in such cases, baby capsules are preferred.

2. Difference between capsule and car set?

A capsule, which is the first travel system when your baby grows, is exchanged into a car seat.

3. Is Baby sleeping in a capsule safe?

Back sleep position is always a safer position than sitting in a sleeping position, so unattended sleeping is more dangerous; it may even cause death.

4. How long is a capsule used?

The capsule is designed for a newborn up to 6 months or depending upon the shoulder height, It can be used.

5. In what position does the capsule to be installed?

Capsules are always installed in a rear-facing position because newborns use capsules, so it is only safe when installed in rear-facing than forward-facing.

6. What happens when you don't hold the baby head properly?

A baby with 3 to 4 months' head always needs constant support in such cases when the head is not placed properly. It makes your baby uncomfortable. It may result in injuries too.

7. When to stop supporting baby heads?

Some baby heads may stand steady in 3 months and may take time. When babies themselves start to move their heads in such a case only, we have to stop positioning the head.

8. After placing the baby in a capsule when the baby cries, what to do?

First, pick up your baby and hold in your hands, check whether any injuries are there. If not, they may be scared during travel, or when they feel discomfort, they usually cry. In such cases, try to make them comfortable if not, then call your doctor for proper advice.

9.Why do I choose an ISOFIX car seat?

ISOFIX car seats are easy to install. Before buying it, check whether your car has that facility to install.

10. What is an ISOFIX car seat?

ISOFIX car seat refers to an international standardized fitting system. Without using a seat belt, it locks your car seat or seat base just with two metal clips.

11. Should car seats need to meet safety standards?

In Australia, it is mandatory to meet safety standards called (CREP) CHILD Restraint Evaluation Program, Which is nothing but a crash test.

12. Is a car seat under CREP safe?

Yes, car seats are considered safe under CREP, or more than one star regarded as safe.

13. How much does it cost to buy a baby capsule?

It costs between 300 and $500; you only use it for six months.

14. How long capsules are good for your baby? 

Till the expiry date or from the base is seven years from the manufactured date, which is stamped in the back of each product.

14. How long capsules are good for your baby? 

Till the expiry date or from the base is seven years from the manufactured date, which is stamped in the back of each product.

15. Where can you find manufactured dates in baby capsules?

Manufactured date stamps are always present at the back of every capsule where your little one bottom would sit.

16. Is the Cost high capsule safe?

It's not like that even some capsules at low cost are more effective than expensive capsules. So we need to choose the best one for our baby considering weight, height, age, and some more to fit in perfectly.

17. How long does a baby capsule last in Australia?

In Australia, it is 10 years for all children. It ends up after 10 years from the manufacture date(DOM). The date is generally found on a label affixed to the product or stamped into the plastic shell.

18. Do we want to be aware of safety standards while hiring baby capsules?

The baby capsule you choose should be the most recent version of Australia and New Zealand safety standards. We feel confident that it has all safety standards and improvement with the latest features.

19. Which is a cost-friendly car seat?

A convertible car seat is cost-friendly so that you can use rear-facing to forward-facing that can grow with your child, and Last for many years.

20. Will my car seat fit inside my car?

If the car is smaller, the tighter will be the fit, but there will be uncomfort while carrying the baby in and out. Space is the main problem you face while fitting a seat inside the car. Finding the best one will be the challenge to buy the perfect one. Better try to know all dimensions of the car seat then buy a baby capsule that fits inside.

Overall outline

Hey!!! it depends upon your personal decisions whether to buy a Baby capsule or car seat it's up to you.

I hope, You people got a clear idea about the best baby capsule in Australia.

You only know which is comfortable for your baby while traveling to carry your baby by hand or stroller. Make the right decision for your baby.

Baby capsule = Perfect Balance for a child.

Perfectly Designed for Parenthood, even a small additional feature makes a big difference.

You can compromise a few things in life but not with the safety of your child. Go and GET your perfect Balance for your baby.

Makes your Parenthood a little more adventurous.            

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